To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern

Many of us have not yet get to the realization that each one of us has to give account to God the Creator for the way he or she has resided life here on earth!

This is not a matter that should be taken lightly by anyone: and nothing of us should allow ourselves to be diverted by the enemy of souls, (Satan), regarding this solemn fact; and to think otherwise.

It is Satan’ s goal to deceive as many persons as possible, and confined them to a fate comparable to his. He used to occupy an exalted position in Heaven because God’ s chief Archangel. Yet he became consumed with the sins of pride, envy and envy and God had to deal with your pet severely. He was thrown out of Heaven; and his goal ever since would be to deceive and recruit willing associates of the human race to follow him to his hopeless and eternally doomed-state. His mission is to recruit human being and encourage them to rebel against Lord their Creator, just as he did.

By the way, Satan may be the character whose spirit worked with the Serpent to first deceive Event. The deception resulted in her and her unhelpful husband being removed from the Garden of Eden, just like Satan himself, was thrown out of Heaven for his rebellion towards God. But mercy was extended by God to Adam and Eve, nevertheless.

Nevertheless , with regards to the matter of us having to provide account to God for our living here on earth, we need not turn out to be overwhelmed with this thought. What we require do rather, is to believe in the truth and seek to take the proper actions according to the Holy Scriptures.

We need not become confused for two reasons. Firstly, to live a life in fear or reverence to God is in our own interest and to our eternal benefit. It is far better and rewarding than residing a life without Holy reverence and respect for the One who developed us all. Moreover there is a frightening price to be paid if we constantly reject the hand of mercy that will God is forever extending towards the human race.

God by yourself has given us the guide, (Holy Scriptures), to show us what true living is all about. Moreover, the death and resurrection of Their Son Jesus Christ, has definitely left mankind without excuse. Not being aware of about this manual or following it, inevitably leads to disappointment, to say the least, together life’ s journey.

Secondly, the other reason is really the best of all. It is central to true living. It says, “ For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Boy that whosoever believes in Your pet should not perish but have everlasting life” John 3: 16.

So again, we are accountable to God for the way we live the life He has given all of us. But He has not left all of us alone. He has made it possible for all of us to live the true life that is attractive to Him.

We can live this reforming life with the Spirit of Christ as He provides it to us.

We receive the Spirit of Christ and of God when we have repented of our sins and accepted Christ Christ as our lord and Savior. None of us has committed a sin that God may not forgive, if we ask Him to. We only have to believe and take His pardon and forgiveness.

When we make Jesus Christ the Lord and Master of our life, His Spirit would in-dwell and begin to live within us. We now have natural and supernatural knowledge and knowledge at our disposal, to carry out God’ s intended purposes for our living here on earth. You see, our lives take on a different and fulfilling meaning, in spite of many challenges that we may face from day to day. Because we are then brought and sustained by the supernatural energy of the Spirit of Christ we are destined to live overcoming lives no matter what the condition or situation happens to be during the time. In effect, we live over the circumstances rather than under it.

Therefore , without exception the message of spiritual responsibility is resolved to everyone.

“ So then everyone of us will give account of himself to God” Romans 14: 12.

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Experienced who identify as gay, saphic girls or bisexual could benefit from up to date mental health services, researcher states

In 2011, the us Military repealed its “ don’ t ask, don’ t tell” policy that prevented gay and lesbian program members from disclosing their sex orientation. Current estimates indicate that will more than 1 million veterans determine as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). Now, a University of Missouri researcher says these program members and veterans often are usually marginalized and may benefit from mental health professionals, including social workers, who are informed about the needs of individuals who determine as LGB.

“ Identifying as LGB plus serving in the military can provide a definite set of experiences and challenges for people, ” said Michael Pelts, a doctoral student at the School of Social Work in the MU University of Human Environmental Sciences. “ Within the U. S., identifying like a service member or veteran may marginalize individuals. This is also true for people who determine as LGB. The impact might be compounding. For example , suicide has a higher occurrence rate among veterans sometimes more so among veterans who determine as LGB. ”

Pelts said studies show that the majority of LGB service members and veterans who seem to seek mental health care services do so outside of Veterans Affairs.

“ Social workers in the general public and private sectors make up the largest group of mental health service providers in order to veterans and their families, ” Pelts said. “ It is likely that social employees will continue to see current plus new generations of veterans struggling with their sexual identity and with the influence of internal and societal stigmas related to identifying as LGB. Therefore , mental health professionals need to be equipped in order to care for members of this population. ”

Social workers as well as other mental health providers should problem their cultural assumptions when treating clients who are veterans or program members, Pelts said.

“ It’ s not ethically sound practice to assume that all service members and veterans are usually heterosexual, ” Pelts said. “ Assuming individuals are heterosexual can compound stress for LGB individuals and make them less likely to share information, which can make it more difficult for health professionals plus mental health providers to provide sufficient care. ”

Pelts said health providers should adopt practices to be more inclusive in order to veterans who identify as LGB. Part of increasing inclusivity includes easy changes such as modifying medical history forms and in-take documents. By using a lot more inclusive terminology, individuals who identify since LGB may feel less alienated, Pelts said.

“ It is essential for mental health professionals to produce culturally competent practice approaches, ” Pelts said. “ Social employees have a tremendous opportunity, if not ethical responsibility, to be leaders in the supply of mental health services designed for LGB service members, veterans plus their families. ”

Pelts recently wrote, “ Veterans Psychological Health: Implication for Services Along with Gay Men and Lesbians Who Have Served, ” which was published in Social Work in Mental Wellness.

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Employers use private social media more than personnel

The research demonstrates managers hold more negative behaviour to private use of social media at work than subordinates. About 11, 500 Norwegian employees participated in the researchers’ study Predictors of Use of Social Network Sites at Work.

“ It is very interesting that top executives, who are negative to private web-surfing during working hours, are the types who surf the most for personal purposes when at work, ” says Doctor Cecilie Schou Andreassen with UiB’ s Department of Psychosocial Science.

She shows that this can be explained by the fact that top executives have longer working hours, and that work and leisure are much more integrated than it is designed for employees.

“ Most likely managers are worried about reductions within output and financial loss because of use of private social media among their particular employees, ” says Doctor Schou Andreassen.

Schou Andreassen and her colleagues are among the first in the world to do research on the leads to that may explain the attitudes and actual usages of private social media marketing in the workplace.

“ Social media marketing probably has a greater social functionality for singles than it has for individuals in relationships, ” says Doctor Schou Andreassen about the research. “ The finding may also reflect that individuals with a high socioeconomic status, are certainly not as afraid to lose their work as those in low-status job opportunities. In addition , high rollers may be more interested in social media to advance their career. ”

Another finding was differences between people who are very organized, and those who are less so. “ While outgoing people in general enjoy being social, anxious people may prefer to communicate digitally rather than within stress-inducing real life situations, ” suggests Schou Andreassen. “ Ambitious people with a sense of order may surf lower than others for private purposes, but will probably use the web actively designed for work-related business during office hours. ” The study also showed that use of social media at work is closely related to attitudes; strict guidelines and limited access reduce private browsing at work.

“ Great regulations combined with motivational work challenges can prevent private browsing during work hours, ” says Doctor Schou Andreassen.

A few of the main findings in the study in regards to the habits of internet use at work:

  • Younger workers use social media for private reasons more than older employees do.
  • Men browse the internet a lot more for private purposes than females do during working hours.
  • People with higher education are the many active social media users.
  • Singles are more active on social media than those in relationships.
  • Extrovert and nervous people are more active online.
  • People who are structured/reliable/organised/prompt personalities, spend less time on social media marketing compared to their counterparts.

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Cougar Dating Sydney (Margaret Skyler White)

Jul 4, 2014

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More and more women in their thirties, forties and even fifties are ignoring the age difference and looking for a date not as old as themselves – they’ re called cougars and are not shy about asserting themselves and dating younger men.

Do not worry fellas it’ s i9000 easier than you think, all you need is really a little] assistance. The 1st matter you need to comprehend is that you just do not need to be a social butterfly to go out there and discover a hot cougar to have a date with, you can easily do it from the comfort and ease of your personal house. Seen of a small thing known as internet dating? Essentially, at the moment there are specific online dating websites designed to getting together younger men with older women and mainly they may be totally free to enroll in ( for several you might want to upgrade later.

It is a lot easier than you think – ever heard ofZbeen told concerning this little thing called dating online? You do not have to be social butterfly who is smartley dressed and experienced at pick-up women – you can do it all on the internet. There are specialized internet sites where hot cougar moms are searching for younger men (often called “ cubs” ). What you should do is find the right site, register and make yourself known to the community. Old ladies have a lot to offer, and you could i bet you can imagine the experience degree they can bring to the bedroom. Dating an even more aged woman is a must for those younger men as they will show you a few lessons that you won’ t listen to in school.

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Make an effort just before you go out. dress smartley, even a suit or one particular thing a little more informal contingent upon in which you are going for the night. Sprinkle on an actually expensive aftershave and allow your self-esteem to exhibit itself. If you frequent the right spots it will not be just before a hot cougar gets near you.

5b If you think that going to pubs indicates spending a lot of time and is just not efficient enough, you are correct. On a specialized cougar dating internet site you will discover profiles of many cougar mothers in your area and the profiles are there non cease, whereas going to bar means you need to locate the woman at the same time she is in the bar. Plus on website searching by age, figure and see a short description of the woman before you leave on a date. So take a look at the internet site and join a hot cougar mother tonight!

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Desiring a relationship? Try Arab relationship (arab spark)

May 12, 2014

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Are you tired of being labled as Single by everyone you meet? Do you wish you were in a partnership but have no idea where to start? Well, a person couldn’ t be in better fingers, because and will help you find your perfect match.

ArabSpark links Arabs worldwide with the motto of creating long lasting relationships. Being the number 1 Arab dating site in the world, ArabSpark allows one of the easiest registration processes on the net. By taking less than 30 seconds to register, you can then start dating Arab girls, Lebanese singles and other Arabs of all religious backgrounds. ArabSpark does not only offer effortless registration, but gives you the ability to communicate with other people with no limitations.

Of all the other Arab dating sites, always leads the industry in building relationships. If you’ re single and ready for a relationship, ArabSpark is the solution to your trouble.

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Accept The Profiles According To Your Needs And Get a Dating Partner

Nowadays, searching for a perfect partner is not a difficult process, especially with the availability of the Internet era. Via this platform, you can find countless authorized and free dating sites that allow you to find a friend, a love plus a partner online. The prime and the most significant objective of this site is to browse your better half, according to your simple details and other requirements.

This advanced facility provides you with a chance to browse the best profiles by using simple refine steps. Just include your requirements like age, likes, foods habits, interest, hobbies and job to enjoy the different profiles at the end. You are able to send an invitation and also deny the profiles of those people that don’ t match according to your simple requirements. These are quite simple and interesting process, thus you will not face any kind of issue while handling the things.

Everyone knows that to find a match is a very tough job in your stressful life. Whether you wish to find your partner in local or somewhere else, virtual coffee date Dubai is the best approach to you. Under the casual as well as comfortable atmosphere, you will be able to find the right companion in the local as well as nearby area. Once you try to search the match based on your needs, this platform plays an important role to make you happy at the end. However , if you are spending long hours on the web, then hook up with a hot girl via the social matrimonial sites.

Here are the benefits of online dating services:

After making the particular profile with the basic details, it is possible to find a particular person for meeting plus chatting purpose

This particular platform offers thousands of profiles simultaneously so that you can select the right one for further conversation easily

People love to opt Dubai online dating sites method since it allows casual as well as mature adult dating for truthful and long term romantic relationship

Owing to other sophisticated features like chatting head, picture or song sending, conference facility and much more, these are becoming the prime choice of people. So , if you wish to settle down as quickly as possible at a particular location, then you can also browse the profiles accordingly.

keep this facility on track by presenting some advanced features that also allow many people to share your personal pictures, some videos, songs and other important details with your expected partner.

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Mahipalpur Delhi and NCR square measure the one amongst the busiest space of Bharat wherever peoples square measure occupied in their routine life and on weekends once they got a while from their occupied life they search somebody United Nations agency will take away the weariness from their life and supply some happy moment to them, here our naughty call girls plays a really important role. Our girls give them lady friend expertise and take away loneliness and weariness from your life.

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If you’ ve been looking for the best associated with Mahipalpur Delhi girls, then you’ ve surely come to the right location. However , you will get when you get the most exotic and sought after girls. When it comes to the most amazing and exotic of girls within Mahipalpur Delhi.

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If you are a tourist in mahipalpur Delhi, then surely wanting to spend your own nights and evenings alone is just not what you desire. You have come to a fabulous country for having a great time, and definitely being alone here is not everything you expected is it? Or you are just a normal person, tired after a long day, looking for a way to relax and feel great. If you are either of these, or just looking for some beautiful company during the day, or evening, or at any time, then the most of Call girls are what you are searching for.

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Fetish Dating Sites Help Counter The Under control Arousals Of People With Urolagnia Passions

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Five-toed sneakers carry no health –or fashion– benefits (Juanita Rodriguez)

Juanita Rodriguez

May 17, 2014

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Five-toed sneakers carry no health – or fashion– benefits

Appears like running in those strange looking five-toed sneakers is not better for your feet after all. And the fashion statement you make wearing them remains an open question.

The maker of these odd running shoes with separated feet has agreed to pay a $3. 75 million class action arrangement to people who thought the shoes would provide them with additional health benefits compared with conventional sneakers.

Concord, Massachusetts-based Vibram USA Inc., which makes Vibram FiveFingers shoes, agreed to the arrangement this week, according to documents filed within U. S. District Court within Boston. The agreement is based on lawsuits that were filed by two FiveFingers owners in Massachusetts federal courtroom, as well as a pending lawsuit from an additional runner in U. S. Area Court in Los Angeles.

Valerie Bezdek of Florida, a plaintiff in one of the Massachusetts cases, stated in court filings that she bought a pair of FiveFingers shoes regarding $105 in 2011. Her purchase had been based on claims from Vibram how the shoes would “ mimic discalcedunshod running, while also affording a few protection against the elements. ”

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However , she later discerned that there is “ simply no reliable scientific support for (Vibram’ s) claims as to the health benefits associated with wearing FiveFingers or barefoot running generally, ” records show.

“ Indeed, running in FiveFingers may increase injury risk as compared to utilizing conventional running shoes, and even when compared to running barefoot, ” according to Ms. Bezdek’ s complaint filed in March 2012.

While the complaint accused Vibram of misleading advertising and unfair trade practices, Microsoft. Bezdek did not blame the shoemaker for any fashion violations.

Vibram’ s settlement agreement says the company expects to pay $20 to $50 per pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes purchased by class users who spent time in the footwear. The company did not admit wrongdoing in its agreement.

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Never Lose Control On Situations To Make Your Date A Remarkable One

Dating a lady and a woman is not a similar thing. In case you are a matured person, after spending some time with any girl or any woman you can understand easily this matter. There will be some different obviously, since the age is not the same. While you are dating any woman or a girl, great care have to take otherwise it will not be an effective one.
Dating a girl and dating a woman not the same thing
Especially the thinking patterns of these two categories are so different. A girl may behave and represent factors in a very childish way, whereas woman will thing deeply every matter and after that she will express factors obviously in a very different way that is suits her attitude. In every scenario they will act differently, such as :
A girl wants to draw interest from her companion especially man or boy all the time they are with her. A woman does not want this type of popularity, but she wants regard from her companion. She desires her companion should understand and respect her need. Do not overreact so that she feels out of the scene.
A girl loves princess like therapy. If the guy spends more and more on her, she will like it very much and anticipate that in future he will fork out a lot to make her happy. While a female does not possess such type of considering, rather she does not like the little princess like treatment. If the person behave naturally with her despite of these fake show offs, she feels much better.
Any girls may episode her emotion to show her mood if she feels unpleasant due to any activity of her companion. She might scream on you, or may make a scene. She can be aggressive, can not control her own emotion capably. Whilst a woman will prefer direct talk, rather showing her anger towards anything. If she does not such as something, she will declare the thing. You need to take immediate action; otherwise, the situation may turn problematic.
A girl does not take much experience, so may take period when she has to take some choice. However , a woman is matured; she knows how to react and how to determine things, what to seek within a person, and other many more what, why, how things.
In any date, you might feel that a girl is taken it as a new game, while a lady does not possess such thought. Rather a woman wants to find some relaxing time when both of them can have fun without hampering their identity.
Control on every scenario makes it a remarkable time together
Anyone you are dating with, you have to be very careful so that no critical scenario will generate. Otherwise, the whole scenario will be very finicky. It can destroy all the fun moment you spent jointly. You can plan some fun actions such as game and other things, which usually both categories will love. Gift can be another things please your date instantly, but you have to thought carefully while choosing any item as their have totally different choice.

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